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on "the kudlow report," president obama took his town hall health care defense to montana today and blamed tv coverage and insurance companies for all his problems in selling the government takeover. check this out. >> i know there's been a lot of attention paid to some of the town hall meetings that are going on around the country especially when tempers flare. tv loves a ruckus. >> yeah, tv loves a ruckus. he also wants to tax richard and he continues to fall behind in the polls. so can republicans ride this protest to a congressional victory in 2010? we have an all-star panel to discuss it all. plus, power, money and sex. bernard madoff's mistress comes clean. but will 20 years of pillow talk dig up any more dirt on his multimillion-dollar ponzi scheme? and the new bull market took a breather for the day and the week but pullbacks are healthy. and today's numbers show rising production with zero inflation, real wages going up along with producti productivity and profits. i am sticking with the new bull market story. fasten your seat belts. "the kudlow report" begins right now. >>> good
love that promo. so obama in montana, the president taking his rescue plea for his ailing health care plan on the campaign trail today. the questioning was polite but pointed. but this is the obama bite that really stuck in my craw. >> the truth of the matter is we have to get over this notion that somehow we could have something for nothing because that's part of how we got into the deficits and the debt that we're in in the first place. >> okay. so the president says we've got to get over this idea of something for nothing. and it drew applause. then why is it the democrats want to put the cost of overhauling coverage for 300 million americans on the shoulders of just 2 million people in that higher tax bracket? why is it that 93% of americans won't have to pay any extra taxes at all? aren't they getting something for nothing? come to think of it, why is the boug bottom 40% of americans pay no income taxes at all? shouldn't everyone except the truly poor have to pay at least some federal income tax? i thought we were all in this together. let's get to the real deal squad. an l.a. la
deep in a trout stream in montana, as well. amin, are we reading too much of the body language here? is. >> clearly, bernanke was a bush appointee. obama was not expected early on to reappoint him, but his performance and popularity on wall street really drove the president's decision mere. and we're getting a little bit more detail on how this all went down. i'm told by an administration source they actually decided a couple weeks ago to do this in late august, and that the president offered this job to ben bernanke just the president, tim geithner and bernanke in the white house together on wednesday last week at about 8:00 p.m. at night. so they have known for a little while they were going to do it. and my question is why the head fake when they told us they weren't going to make any news yesterday. >> and is that because conspiracy theorist in me says maybe that's because the deficit numbers were going to come out today, as well, and maybe that really -- this event pushes that aside and people weren't necessarily focused on the $9 trillion deficit. >> yeah, you've got to get out yo
or not. they can keep throwing money at that. >> may money is on hannah montana and dora. dor get t. >> thank you. >> a california story that is still developing.  shares of the company in the dvd showdown. tivo and verizon communications all lower. this in case you were wondering is "power lunch" first in business worldwide? some people buy a car based on the deal they get. others by the car of their dreams. during the lexus golden opportunity sales event, you can do both. special lease offers now available on the 2009 es 350. special lease offers now available ♪ yes, you're lovely... ♪ what do you think? hey, why don't we use our points from chase sapphire and take a break? we can't. sure, we can. the points don't expire... ♪ there is nothing for me... ♪ there's no travel restrictions... we could leave tomorrow. we can't use them for a vacation. you can use the points for just about anything. i know... ♪ the way you look tonight ♪ chase what matters. get your new chase sapphire card at so now we've turned her toffee into a business. my goal was to
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today in montana, and his job over this recess is to keep his own party together and when i talked to white house officials, they believe they still have the vote within the democratic party in both the house and senate to pass health care bills. so the -- the bottom line, mark, and erin, this health care debate is somewhat more on track from a democratic point of view, not from a bipartisan point of view, but from a democratic point of view, a lot of coverage would suggest so far. >> you are being too kind to senator grassley, john. >> well -- you could be right. >> you don't -- you can be against this bill and not play that death panel fear card. >> i completely agree with you. >> he should be ashamed of himself. thank you, john harwood. >> scott cohn. developments related to the bernie madoff case. >> the massachusetts secretary of state, william galvin, rejected a settlement, multimillion dollar proposed settlement, bin of the largest madoff feeder funds. the fairfield green itch group. the fairfield greenwich group was sued in an administrative group back in april saying that
bit. the president himself will be out in montana today. he wants to try to put a face on these town hall meetings, that are different from what we've seen so far. the white house recognizes it's got a problem. it's got approval ratings on health care back where bill clinton was in 1993. that's an ominous sign. the debate is, overtaken by thing that are not part of the bill. the debate about death panel. even the debate about public option is so far down the line on what's actually possible at the end of this thing. it's not where the white house wants to be. they have to move into a position where the president can say exactly what he's for, what he's against and try to mobilize the support for this thing because of real fears out there. i mean, it's not just crazy people at town hall meetings who are making claims that are beyond the pail, it's real concern. people showing up at town hall meetings are really worried about what happens to their benefi benefits? what happens to medicare? some real issues out there. >> this is ivanka speaking. the problem for me, not, in the health ca
england and around the del mar pep nininspe. into montana and north dakota, look for scattered showers and thunderstorms. let's take a look at your current airport delays right now across the northeast. flying out of boston's logan, laguardia and newark, philadelphia, no current airport delays. approximate national highlights, boston, low clouds, 78 degrees for the high. charlotte, north carolina, 86. miami, lower 90s there. as we move into the midwest, fairly quiet conditions around springfield, missouri, 82. corpus christi, hot there. portland, 82 degrees for your travel today. around tucson, scattered showers and some thunderstorms. now back to you. >> thanks very much. let's get a look at this morning's upgrades and downgrades. advanced micro, up graded to a high, up to $5.50. talking about a favorable risk reward profile. cheesecake factory upgraded from underweight to neutral. somebody said who would have thought cheesecake is underweight? hard to take some of this research seriously when the lead story in the journal this morning is about goldman sachs having what they call thes
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8